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Plastics - Hot Job! - Get Listed! Toronto 124298

Position: Plastics - Hot Job! - Get Listed! Toronto 124298
City: Toronto
State/Province: ON

                                                                ARE YOU A PLASTICS SPECIALIST?
                                                                Do you work in Plastics Manufacturing?
                                                        LET ME HELP YOU ADVANCE YOUR CAREER!

Attention experts in Injection Moulding, Extrusion, Thermoforming or Blow Moulding: if you are looking to advance your plastics career, register today with a Licensed Career Broker!

Contact David Stevens, Plastics Headhunter! To find out how to register for our exclusive Multiple Career Listing Service (MCLS).

Did you know that 80% of jobs are not posted on job boards?  Those are the best jobs, and they make up the Hidden Job Market.  A career broker can identify the best opportunities, confidentially, and at no cost to you.

Are you a Plant Manager, Production Manager, or Operations Manager?  Are you a Quality Assurance or Engineering expert?  Maybe you're a Process Technician or a Maintenance professional, Millwright or Electrician.  Maybe you're a Mould Maker or Mould Designer.  Whatever your expertise, if it's in Plastics, David Stevens is the plastics recruiter for you!

                                                       Get Listed with a Plastics Career Broker Today!

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