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Operations Manager - Retail Brampton 104855

Position: Operations Manager - Retail Brampton 104855
Employer: Talize
City: Brampton
State/Province: ON

The efficient trucking operation, profitability and delivery of product to our company stores and responsibility of Operations Manager. Ultimately you must be capable of performing every duty within the trucking operation.

The primary daily and monthly duties are:

  • Personnel Administration
    • Personnel files
    • Orientation
    • Training of Drivers on all performance aspects defined by drivers Job description
    • Retraining of drivers, defensive driving courses
  • Management Responsibilities
    • Responsible for overall trucking service quality in Province of Ontario
    • Hires and trains all drivers
    • Works closely with RR managers and supervisors and oversee routes pick up executions as well as Bin/Flyer pick up services where necessary
    • Organises sufficient and timely supply of our stores
    • Manage quality control requirements: routes/trucks/ Communication reports
    • Manages and channel all administrative and operational issues (truck documentation, traffic violations, inspections, logs, truck malfunctions, towing...)
    • Manage the Operating Budget
    • Manage and oversee trailers distribution and timely loading and unloading
    • Deliver driver's hours in timely fashion to Payroll Department
    • Closely works and develop routines and resolve problems and operational logistics with Regional Mgr. and DB Mgr.
  • Communications
    • Public relations
    • Employee relations
    • Supplier relations
    • All other aspects of communication will be determined and defined with involvement and approval of Manager of RR
  • Operations
    • Schedule (if necessary) and supervise preparation and execution of routes
    • Quality control and improvement of all aspects of tracking side of RR operations
    • Manage the Operation Budget and report all aspects and situations with Manager of RR
    • Control and organize supply of Talize stores by home pick up, trailers and donation bins.
    • Responsible for maintaining quotas for Ontario stores on daily, weekly and monthly level
    • Discuss all supply difficulties with Manager of RR and looking for solutions within RR Operation
  • Complete control over daily operation:
    • Meet with Drivers every morning at 7:00am and discuss operational issues
    • Control and discuss with drivers routes for a day
    • Organize daily delivery in the Province of Ontario based on daily q uotas
    • Make sure that all driver has done all necessary preparations for a daily assignment and have necessary documentations available
    • Closely watches drivers hours of performance
    • Permanent communication with drivers via radio
    • Dispatch: receive from drivers radio calls at the beginning of a route, 9am report after unloading with weight numbers, Mid-day report and report at the end of a route
    • All other radio communications related to route execution
    • Receive and control receipts for gas, weight tickets, garbage, bags and miscellaneous
    • Prepares input information for Performance Analyst
    • Manage/report any accidents/repairs to proper channels
    • Contact with leasing companies, repair shops, maintenance services to secure timely and quality service or replacement vehicles
    • Manage start lease and end-lease procedures in accordance with the Lease or Rental Agreement
  • Other Office Activities:
    • Operation Mgr. will perform all job related duties assigned and requested by Manager of Recycling Rewards
  • Health and Safety Issues
    • Make sure that all instructions by Health and safety Committee are closely followed
    • Organize and perform training with drivers on heavy lifting usage of First Aid kit
    • Make drivers familiar with Health and Safety issues and make sure that they understand duties and responsibilities as well as Disciplinary Policy measures
    • Make sure that First Aid Kit for trucks are available as well as gloves and cleaning supplies. Devices like truck fire extinguisher have to be in working condition all the time
    • Make sure that all injury procedures (company procedures and WICB procedures) are precisely implemented
    • Responsibility of Operation Manager is to request from the Office Supervisor to check safety of working environment for all drivers
    • React immediately on Drivers reports on safe environment (repair or replace source of possible injury)
    • Once a month make a full report on the Health and safety issues

  • A minimum of one year of experience in related business.
  • A High School or college degree.
  • Excellent management skills
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.
  • Proven ability in conflict resolution.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Knowledge of the Canadian retail environment with understanding of recycling business, preferably thrift.

Please submit your resume today for consideration. 

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