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Fabrication Manager Toronto 99589

Position: Fabrication Manager Toronto 99589
Employer: Modern Niagara
City: Toronto
State/Province: ON

The objective of the Fabrication Manager is to ensure that Fabrication Shop produces quality prefabricated components in the most efficient cost effective manner possible managing all prefabrication requirements for Modern Niagara projects.
Primary Activities
Strategic Development
  • Identifying short- and long-range departmental goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures that are clearly linked to company business goals.
  • Develop and monitor metrics of productivity in the shop floor ensuring that fabrication is executed in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Evaluate new technologies and equipment to determine if capital expenditures are justified and meet company financial payback requirements.
  • Develop and continuously improve estimating norms for the fabrication shop based on industry standards and shop performance.
  • Develop Shop Standards and Standard Operation Procedures ensuring continuous improvement in all work performed.
 Divisional Performance
  • Develop and Monitor Annual Budgets for Overhead Costs and Capital Expenditures related to the fabrication shop.
  • Monitor weekly productivity reports and investigate trends to ensure that work is being performed in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Review Productivity information with management following Modern’s TPP structure.
  • Develop and implement long term and short term plans for the shop to guide its growth to align with that of Modern Niagara.  
Labour Force Management
  • Direct activities of shop tradesmen (through foreman) to ensure that objectives, policies and programs are properly implemented and applied ( i.e. ISO objectives, safety policies, etc.).
  • Ensure labour levels in the shop are adequate to meet the fabrication needs of all sites.
  • Ensure that correct mix of personnel is in place to produce quality fabrication that meets government and industry standards.
  • Preform Performance reviews of direct reports (Shop Foreman, Shop Coordinator).
Production Responsibilities
  • Develop and maintain a network of support shops and sub-contractors to meet the all of Modern Niagara’s fabrication needs.  
  • Ensure that Modern Niagara’s Quality control program is followed for all shop fabrication including that preformed outside of the shop by Sub-Contractors.
  • Preform Quality control evaluations of sub-contractor shops.
  • Preform continuous review of Shop Quality Control Program and revise as necessary
  • Ensure that fabrication in the shop is performed according to government standards including ensuring all required inspections and hold points are maintained.
  • Ensure that the safety of the shop is maintained as per Modern Niagara’s Health and Safety Policy. 
  • Follow up on all non-conformances raised and develop preventative measures to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Work with foreman to develop shop floor fabrication strategies to
Project Management
  • Meet with Modern Niagara Project Managers and foreman to identify project timelines as well as inspection and testing requirements.
  • Attend Project Pre-construction meeting on major projects with fabrication requirements.
  • Make recommendations on fabrication strategy to minimize cost impacts to projects.
  • Coordinate with CAD department to ensure drawings are received in adequate time to allow for processing of orders.
  • Conduct weekly fabrication meetings to liaison with shop floor, sites and CAD.
  • Develop shipment strategies in-conjunction with site Project Managers and Foreman and translate requirements back to the fabrication plan.
  • Develop budgets for fabrication packages and communicate them to the Project Managers.
  • Monitor performance against budget for all fabrication work.
  • Evaluate sub-contractor bids for fabrication to determine if they fall within project budget requirements.   Communicate overages and develop mitigation strategies as they arise.
Business Development
  • Develop new business opportunities for the fabrication shop by looking outside of Modern Niagara’s in house fabrication work.
  • Identify, build, and maintain strong relationships with customers and prospects to drive billed revenue in support of monthly, quarterly, and yearly revenue targets
  • Develop acceptable revenue and production targets for the fabrication shop to maintain profitability on client work while ensuring company fabrication schedules are adhered to. 
  • Investigate new market opportunities
Decisions Made
  • Opportunities to pursue
  • Budgets on internal projects
  • Margins on external projects
  • Personnel Levels
  • Work to preform in-house vs. subcontract.
This position receives direction from the VP of Major Projects.
This position supervises all Shop Foreman and Shop Coordinators.
This position communicates with all departments and levels of management.
Externally, this position interacts with customers, suppliers, and vendors.
  • Strong analytical and communication skills
  • Strong Organizational Skills to manage multiple projects and stakeholders simultaneously.
  • Ability to interpret and read blue prints and spool drawings.
  • Knowledge of construction process and material handling challenges associated with modern construction practices.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, and Autocad.
  • Knowledge of lean manufacturing and process improvement.
  • Strong financial background with familiarity with budgeting and capital expenditure justification process. 

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